High quality education and research in medicine, biomedical sciences and public health would not be possible without the tireless work of our hospital and clinic-based health professionals. These health professionals come from a variety of different disciplines and backgrounds, ranging from medicine through to dietetics, psychology, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other allied health areas.  

They are vital in training the next generation and to recognise the work of these hardworking health professionals, UQ awards individuals with academic titles.

Every day, our Academic Title Holders teach students, mentor junior researchers, and take on hours of research activity in their own time to improve patient care.

Next time you visit your GP or specialist, take a second look to see if they are hold a title other than doctor (e.g. Professor) - or look for a small UQ pin on their lanyard. These are two small clues to let you know they are an Academic Title Holder with The University of Queensland.

New and existing applications for academic titles are welcomed. These titles are awarded for a period of up to five years to health professionals who make significant contributions to The University and are assessed by the relevant organisational unit Heads, Faculty executives and committees commensurate to the level of appointment.

We applaud our Academic Title Holders for being an integral part of health education and research at The University of Queensland.

4. Promotion

In recognising the professional development and growth of Health Professionals, the University encourages Academic Title holders to apply for promotion. All Academic Holders are entitled to apply for promotion to a higher level in the final year of their three year term, this promotion would then be effective for their Academic Title renewal for the following three years.

For promotion to Academic Levels B and C (Lecturer and Senior Lecturer respectively) please select promotion in the drop down box on the application form and specify the level you are applying for. This application will then be considered by the school and faculty and actioned as part of your renewal.

For promotion to Academic Level D (Associate Professor) an Academic Title Holder wishing to apply for promotion should first discuss their intent with the Head of School or equivalent.  The next step is to submit an application online for endorsement by the Head of School and relevant Faculty Executive officer. The final stage is that all title holders must participate in an interview with the Associate Professor Interview Committee. These interviews are conducted up to three times per year as required and depending on availability.  If successful the promotion is actioned as part of the renewal process.

There are two pathways for Promotion to Level E and if you are considering applying for Promotion to Professor the first step is to meet with your relevant Head of School or equivalent and discuss which is the most appropriate pathway prior to submitting an application.

Promotion to Academic Level E (Professor) – Academic Pathway is managed by the Professorial Promotions Committee. Generally the Committee will conduct an annual round in which candidates can apply for promotion. Applications for promotion to Professor (Academic Pathway) are made in accordance with the Promotion to Professor Policy and Procedures.

Promotion to Level E (Professor) - Clinical Pathway is managed outside of the central Promotion to Professor process and applications should be submitted via the online application system after meeting with the Head of School or equivalent. Your application will need to include a Case for Conferral letter and three nominated referees. Guidelines are available to assist you with your application. Applications for promotion to Professor via the Clinical Pathway are in accordance with the Academic Titles for Health Professionals Policy and Procedures.

Please refer to the Eligibility section for further information on requirements for applying for Promotion to Level D or E, as well as information on the criteria for academic performance against which the promotion application will be assessed.