Friday, June 10, 2016 - 12:00 to 13:00
Room #127, Human Movement Studies (#26), St Lucia Campus
Seminars & workshops

Dr Reuter, UQ Postdoctoral Fellowship in HMNS, will present a talk entitled Pushing attention towards a side: force field adaptation alters electrophysiological maker of attentional processing. She will discuss why field adaptation might be an alternative treatment option for patients with attentional deficits.      

This presentation will be followed by a show-case of some of the research undertaken in the Centre for Dietetics Research. Dr Veronique Chachay will explain the difference between brown fat and white fat, the thermic effect of food, and how the thermal properties of food-constituents could optimise the composition of diets for weight management.

Ms McMaster (PhD candidate) will introduce the field of bariatric endoscopy and to present early data from a pilot study in 4 obese patients with diabetes.

These presentations will be held on Friday 10 June at 12pm in Bldg 26, Room 127. All welcome to attend (RSVP not required).

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