Welcome to the Eligibility Guide for Academic Title Holder (ATH) applications. In this section we provide details and information about the eligibility requirements for seeking an Academic Title in the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine.

Individuals only require one affiliate appointment with UQ. In practice this means that ATHs can select the organisational unit within the Faculty to which their interests and activities are most aligned. So, for example, if an applicant’s principal employment as a practising health professional is at a clinical site with contributions into medical education then it is likely that the optimal organisational unit would be the UQ Clinical Unit at the hospital site (such as the PAH Clinical Unit). If the applicant has a strong and recognisable connection in a specific research area then it is possible an application might be best aligned with one of the Faculty’s Research Centres. Importantly, no matter where the “home” organisational unit appointment is, collaboration will be strongly encouraged across the Faculty and UQ more broadly.  For those considering an ATH position, then please reach out to the relevant organisational unit Heads as early as possible. The level at which a title is awarded is governed by the Criteria for Academic Performance Policy.

It is recommended that all applicants read this policy, particularly for Level D and E applications which require interview. Prior to applying for a title at Academic Level D or E, whether it is a new title or a promotion application, applicants are required to meet with the Head of their School/Clinical Unit, Institute, or Centre to obtain their support.

The following is a brief guide only and any queries should be referred to relevant contacts within our Schools, Centres and Institutes.

Nowadays an ORCID account is used to ensure accurate and easy capture of research activities. If you don’t have an ORCID account then read the guide on how to create one.

Please click on the below links to find out the elibility criteria for Academics.

For details on the criteria for Research Only Teaching, and Research and Teaching Focused Academic performance please refer to the Criteria for Academic Performance Policy.