What is a GRL and how do I get one?

GRL – Grant Record Letter is the document that instructs Contracts & Grant Accounting to set up your project account and issue invoices so you get the money to do your research.

So you have won the grant you were holding out for. Now what?

  1. ETHICS – if you need ethics approval apply for it and notify UQR&I when it issues. If you don’t need ethics approval let UQR&I know.
  2. RESEARCH CONTRACT – Faculty Research Office and/or RPM will work with you and Research Legal Services (UQR&I) to get a research contract in place.
  3. GRANT RECORD LETTER (GRL) - A GRL will issue once UQR&I have: Fully Executed Contract (for Linkage & contract research) or Letter of Award (for ARC Discoveries); Copy of grant application or research proposal; UQ Funding Application Coversheet; UQ Infrastructure/Overheads spreadsheet (were appropriate); Invoicing Schedule; Copy of ethics approval; and Any other necessary information.
  4. ACCOUNT SET UP & INVOICING – the GRL is sent to you, your school manager & finance manager; SBS Research Office and Contracts and Grant Accounting (CAGA). CAGA will set up your project account and issue invoices. They also chase late payments.


An account can be set up prior to a GRL issuing BUT the School will have to underwrite any expenditure. You will need HoS approval to do this. If you have a pre-GRL you can not do any research requiring ethics approval.

A Pre-GRL is not possible for ARC or NHMRC projects


Faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences Research Office on habs.research@uq.edu.au
Faculty of Medicine Research Office on mabs.research@uq.edu.au