To achieve eligibility for a Level B academic title, applicants will require the following skills and abilities, in addition to the requirements at Level A:

  • Level B Clinical Academic will have a growing profile in teaching, research and in engagement with the profession which may include innovation in a clinical context. He or she may coordinate or lead the activities of other staff.  An advanced professional qualification or research higher degree would be expected.
  • In teaching, a Level B academic will usually assume a variety of clinical teaching responsibilities at the undergraduate, postgraduate and/or professional level and take responsibility for the preparation and delivery of course modules and their coordination.
  • In research, a Level B academic will undertake individual and/or collaborative clinical research and publish and present the results of their research.
  • In service and engagement, a Level B academic will assume a significant role in professional activities, usually including accepting referrals for consultations, and will demonstrate efficient management of allocated internal service roles.
  • In clinical innovation, he or she may contribute to the development of new clinical techniques within the relevant profession and will be able to demonstrate the impact of their innovation on clinical practice.