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Health at UQ Matters communicates health-related research in a thematic way from across the whole university. Targeted media releases and an array of social media options makes the work undertaken in the faculty and university more widely accessible.

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CTAP leads the fight against superbugs by optimising antibiotic therapy for resistant infections. Read more

UQ's BLING III trial may lead to improved survival rates for patients with severe sepsis. Read more

UQ Diamantina Institute gives hope to IBD sufferers through research into microbiome and gut health. Read more

From Ebola to Zika - UQ Associate Professor Simon Reid discusses how new illnesses emerge when we change how we live. Read more

UQ NHMRC PhD scholar Danny Tsai is on a mission to improve survival rates and clinical outcomes for Indigenous Australians with sepsis.​ Read more

Jason Roberts

Antimicrobial researchers at UQ are focusing in on one of the biggest sources of antibiotic resistance in the world. Read more

UQ leads study to reduce antibiotic resistance in Australia by decreasing GP prescriptions. 
Read more

UQCCR hoping to bring relief to patients suffering chroinc ear and sinus infections through probiotic treatment. Read more

UQ researchers explore what may be a previously unrecognised role for bacteria during viral respiratory infections in children. Read more

UQ scientists honing in on drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) in a project which could lead to new antibiotics. Read more

UQCCR is leading an international clinical trial to guide treatment of bloodstream infections.  
Read more

UQ researchers lead international effort to slow the emergence of antimicrobial-resistant superbugs. Read more


From our Academic Title Holders

Pitted keratolysis is a skin disorder with unique presentation. Read more

Essential facts about Helicobactor pylori infection in humans. Read more

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