Criteria for Level E - Professor - Academic Pathway

To achieve eligibility for a Level E academic title, applicants will require the following skills and abilities, in addition to the requirements at Level D:

  • Level E Clinical Academics are expected to display a high level of leadership in their teaching, research and innovation in a clinical context and in service/engagement, and be recognised internationally for their scholarly contribution. They will have developed an international reputation for outstanding impact and achievement in the profession, through (i) clinical teaching and/or clinical research and (ii) clinical engagement, which may include clinical innovation.
  • In teaching, they will have a distinguished record of scholarly teaching and leadership across all levels and appropriate contexts.
  • In research, they will demonstrate outstanding outcomes and leadership. This will include guiding the development of others, particularly more junior researchers, leadership of major funding initiatives, major contributions to knowledge and the beneficial application of knowledge, and intellectual leadership beyond his or her specific areas of research.
  • In service and engagement, a Level E Clinical academic will make a leadership contribution to the governance and collegial life of the institution, to continuing education and professional development, and be recognised for international leadership in the profession.

Criteria for Level E - Professor - Clinical Pathway (Academic Title Holders only)

To achieve eligibility for a Level E academic title (Clinical Pathway), applicants will require the following skills and abilities:

  • Except in exceptional circumstances, the Professor will have a significant reputation for outstanding achievement in their professional area based on innovation in evidence based clinical practice. They make a commensurate contribution to the work and strategic advancement of the University and its students. In addition, they are expected to demonstrate outstanding leadership in fostering or facilitating clinical excellence in teaching and/or research and/or service and engagement.
  • Where clinical excellence is claimed in Teaching, they will have demonstrated exceptional performance in evidenced based clinical practice and clinical teaching. They will be recognised as outstanding clinicians and clinical teachers. They will have led the advancement and transformation of clinical education in their discipline/institution/relevant Specialist College or the health industry.
  • Where clinical excellence is claimed in Research, the Professor will demonstrate their impact in/on research through fostering collaborations with local and international partners, and Institutes/Universities to deliver advancements in health. As a recognised leading authority in their profession, they will use their influence to create, enable and support high impact research that produces evidence based change in health outcomes and systems.
  • Where clinical excellence is claimed in Service and Engagement to their discipline, the University and the community they will be recognised nationally or internationally. The Professor will be recognised as a thought leader, setting policy or professional practice standards in or beyond their discipline. They will demonstrate their clinical expertise and leadership through their outstanding contribution to high impact influential government, professional or industry advisory committees or the community equivalent.