UQ scientists draw on these broad disciplines to boost the impact of health, medical, behavioural and biomedical sciences research in Australia:

Biological Sciences
From cells to organisms, populations and communities

Cancer Studies
Developing diagnostics, vaccines and therapies

Clinical Sciences and Experimental Medicine
Innovative solutions to recognised healthcare needs

Ecology and Environmental Science
Addressing environmental challenges in a changing world

Genetics and Genomics
Understanding the basis of life and disease

Human Movement and Sports Science
Improving health and human performance

Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Combatting immune disorders and the threat of infectious disease

Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Discovering and developing next generation drugs

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
Improving quality of life through understanding cell regulation and disease

Defining the molecular circuits of brain function in health and disease

Psychology and Cognitive Science
Understanding and promoting healthy human behaviour

Public Health and Health Services
Promoting, maintaining and restoring health and well-being

Social and Political Sciences
Exploring the Contours and Dynamics of Culture, Politics and Society

In addition to these established areas of research strengths a number of emerging areas of interdisciplinary research strength in health have also been identified. These include:

Environmental Health

Technology-Enabled Health Promotion and Rehabilitation

Child and Maternal Health

Health Services Research