By understanding the risk factors behind the development of cancerous cells, our researchers can promote healthy behaviours to aid prevention.

Effecting change can be brought about by identifying factors that need to alter, improving the measurement of these factors, then developing and trialing initiatives to counteract these forces.

Areas which have already been extensively investigated include lack of exercise, sitting too long, and unhealthy eating or substance abuse of other types.

Included in this field are some projects which focus specifically on preventing the toxic and harmful side effects of existing cancer treatments.

Preventing cancer by researching and encouraging healthy behaviours.

Meet some of our researchers

Professor Marina Reeves
Research is focused on the role of weight management, diet and physical activity in improving outcomes for women diagnosed with breast cancer.
Associate Professor Tina Skinner
Research focuses on reducing cancer progression and improving the disease- and treatment-related symptoms of people living with and beyond cancer through exercise and nutrition.
Professor Sandie McCarthy
Research program focuses on the prevention, assessment and management of the short and long-term toxicities of cancer therapy, particularly chemotherapy.
Professor Jane Turner
Works in the field of Psycho-Oncology as a psychiatrist providing treatment for patients with cancer and their families, and developing a program of research focused on interventions in areas of clinical need, and translational research examining sustainable models of service delivery.
Professor Jeff Coombes
Research interests focus on determining the optimal exercise prescription for improving health.