Addressing chronic disease at individual, communal and national levels require a wealth of research from many different levels.

The scope of research required often means that our experts in this area subsequently end up informing and directing professional and public policy.

Included in our researchers are those who have participated in a longitudinal study which has observed 40,000 women over a 10-year period. Indeed, several areas of investigation specific to women’s health and chronic disease have arisen from this undertaking, with prevention a key focus.

Work towards preventing and managing chronic disease also includes accurately measuring behaviours, developing biological markers of disease, developing interventions, assessing these interventions for translation into practice, and investigating cost efficiencies.

Meet some of our researchers

Professor John Cairney
Academic leader in the field of paediatric exercise medicine and child health research. Particularly well-known for his work on developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and its impact on the health and well-being of children.
Professor Jeff Coombes
Research interests focus on determining the optimal exercise prescription for improving health.
Professor Wendy Brown
Research interests focus on physical activity and the prevention and management of chronic illness at a population level.
Professor Elizabeth Eakin
As a behavioural scientist working in the field of population health, she has developed an internationally recognised program of research in health behaviour interventions in chronic disease prevention and management.
Associate Professor Nicholas Gilson
Has a specific interest in the measurement of physical activity, as well as intervention strategies that impact behaviour change and physiological/psycho-social health indicators.