To achieve eligibility for a Level C academic title, applicants will require the following skills and abilities, in addition to the requirements at Level B: 

  • A Level C Clinical Academic will have an established record of achievement in clinical teaching and/or research and in engagement with the profession, which may include clinical innovation.
  • A Level C academic will make a substantial senior contribution to clinical teaching such as successful coordination of a significant aspect of a clinical teaching unit or a specialty/subspecialty program. He or she will contribute to the supervision of students in advanced or specialty training programs. These students may or not be formally enrolled in Research Higher Degree programs.
  • In clinical research a Level C academic will be expected to publish peer-reviewed clinical research studies and/or state/national guidelines for clinical practice and contribute to successful applications for competitive research funds. An advanced professional qualification or research higher degree would be expected. A Clinical Academic’s possession of a Fellowship or equivalent in a speciality area may be recognised as an indicator of research and scholarship.
  • In service and engagement, a Level C academic will achieve leadership roles in the profession, including developing consultancies in speciality areas. Engagement in professional associations within their speciality is expected.