Clinical Dentistry

Doctor of Clinical Dentistry

Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (DClinDent)
Gain specialist registration in one of the following areas: Dento-Maxillofacial Radiology; Paediatric Dentistry or Orthodontics.

Dento-Maxillofacial Radiology
The three year program covers all aspects of diagnostic radiology and radiography as relevant to the maxillofacial area. In seminars and reporting sessions, which include clinical/ hospital radiology and radiography sessions, candidates will advance from basic radiographic techniques to the most advanced available and the interpretation of the resultant imaging.

Acquire advanced clinical skills in the specialty of Orthodontics based on contemporary knowledge of developments in associated fields of Dental Science.

Paediatric Dentistry
Gain the necessary clinical skills for specialty practice. The candidate performs specialist level treatment for children under the supervision of dental experts. Experience includes preventive, restorative, periodontic, surgical, and minor orthodontic dental treatment of normal and medically compromised children using, when necessary, different sedation techniques and general anaesthesia. Treatment of children with intellectual and physical disabilities, including cranio facial anomalies, are included in the specialty training.

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