Master of Psychology

As a UQ Master of Psychology student, you have the option to complete a Master’s degree in a number of areas: Psychology, Business Psychology, Clinical Psychology or Organisational Psychology. The Masters in Clinical Psychology and Organisational Psychology are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). Accreditation for the Master of Psychology for the new degree title and four specialisations is currently being sought from APAC and is expected to be confirmed in early 2017.*

Master of Psychology*

The Master of Psychology will equip you with the core professional skills and knowledge required to practice competently as a psychologist. Select from one of the four following areas of endorsed clinical practice: Clinical Neuropsychology, Counselling Psychology, Health Psychology, and Sport and Exercise Psychology. Over 1,000 hours of placements will ensure you are equipped with the skills and knowledge to hit the ground running in your career.

Master of Business Psychology

The Master of Business Psychology is our new flagship program designed for people wanting to consult to organisations to solve business problems. The program equips you with the core psychology expertise and business acumen essential to enhance individual, team and organisational effectiveness across business, government and not-for-profit settings.

Master of Clinical Psychology

As a Clinical Psychologist you will have the opportunity to improve mental health and wellbeing amongst individuals, families and communities by decreasing levels of psychological distress. You will become an expert in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of emotional and behavioural problems through 1,000 hours of placements, preparing you for a rewarding career in Clinical Psychology. 

Master of Organisational Psychology

Studying Organisational Psychology will equip you with the skills and knowledge to increase organisational effectiveness by improving employee’s health, wellbeing, performance, safety and satisfaction. Through a combination of theory, research and 1,000 hours of placements, you will be able to practise as an Organisational Psychologist in business, the public and private sectors and the community.

Doctor of Psychology

Throughout the Doctor of Psychology, you will gain a thorough understanding of the scientific bases and practice of clinical psychology through a research thesis, 1,500 hours of placements and advanced coursework. You will have the opportunity to select an area of specialisation from:

  • Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology and Clinical Geropsychology
Emma Poulsen

"During my Doctor of Clinical Psychology, I was awarded the APS Clinical College Student Prize. I think this award truly reflects the brilliance of an amazing university filled with inspiring, encouraging, capable people, rather than the achievements of any one student."