A positive attitude can boost your immune system and help you live longer. Image source: iStock

A positive attitude can improve your immune system and may help you live longer, according to a University of Queensland study.

15 September 2014
An example of highly-effective telehealth is the mobile telemedicine program in Cherbourg.

Queensland has claimed a knockout blow against the tyranny of distance in health care today with the opening of The University of Queensland’s Centre of Research Excellence in Telehealth.

10 September 2014
Article UQ experts for National Stroke

National Stroke Week begins today (8 September) and The University of Queensland has two leading speech pathology experts available to speak to media.

8 September 2014
The UQ team consisted of Carmel Blackburn, Emily Frawley, Rebekah Moran, Courtney Scott-Hunter, Wei Fern Yee and Tereza Stillerova.

A team of six University of Queensland students has won the annual Australian HealthFusion Team Challenge.

8 September 2014
UQDI's Professor Ranjeny Thomas.

The University of Queensland’s efforts to translate research on autoimmune diseases into life-changing treatments has attracted a nomination in the Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA) Research Commercialisation Awards.

4 September 2014
UQ School of Psychology Associate Professor and course co-cordinator Blake McKimmie features in the videos.

Become part of a murder investigation by registering for The University of Queensland’s latest Massive Open Online Course on edX, Crime101x: The Psychology of Criminal Justice.

4 September 2014
The gap in stillbirth rates between indigenous and non-indigenous women in Queensland, Australia, is closing.

The gap in stillbirth rates between indigenous and non-indigenous women in Queensland, Australia, is closing, however indigenous women are still at risk of stillbirth due to preventable causes, according to researchers from The University of...

3 September 2014
It's an exciting time in medical discovery, says UQ Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Anton MIddelberg

The National Health and Medical Research Council has awarded six new Research Fellowships at The University of Queensland, and extended funding on another four.

2 September 2014
The app will make it easier for young people to get quick and accessible help

A University of Queensland project to develop a smartphone app to prevent Indigenous youth suicide in the State has received more than $800,000 from the Federal Government.

1 September 2014
Study leader Associate Professor Kiarash Khosrotehrani.

Stem cells from placenta usually discarded after childbirth can now be used to develop treatments for conditions such as diabetes, with each placenta containing enough stem cells to potentially treat 100 patients.

27 August 2014
The genome sequencing machine, PacBio RSII, (pictured) at UQDI is the only one of its kind in Australia and identifies different variations in a genome

Genetic research will be in the spotlight next week when the most advanced genome sequencing facility in the Southern Hemisphere opens its doors to the public.

25 August 2014
Becoming a part of a social group can significantly reduce the effects of depression.

Becoming a part of a social group can significantly reduce the effects of depression, according to new research from The University of Queensland.

25 August 2014

A career devoted to improving the health and nutrition of children with cancer has drawn a prestigious World Cancer Research Fund International...

22 August 2014

A University of Queensland study has found no evidence of an increase in autism in the past 20 years, countering reports that the rates of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are on the rise. ...

22 August 2014

University of Queensland Psychology student Ms Ellie Keane has rural Australia in her sights thanks to a scholarship from health and employment service provider Artius.

21 August 2014
Photo of Professor Maher Gandhi goes here

Research into blood cancer will be boosted with a new high-level appointment at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute.

12 August 2014
Expert available for Dental Health

A University of Queensland dental health expert, who has a focus on children’s dental health, is available to speak to media for Dental Health Week this week.

5 August 2014

More than a decade since the human genome was first sequenced The University of Queensland has hosted a gala event to discuss its implications for medical practice and ethics.

1 August 2014

A Queensland nurse who proved her mettle treating Anzac casualties on a Greek island in World War One is being honoured with a $30,000 RSL University of Queensland (UQ) scholarship.

29 July 2014

A University of Queensland researcher has found that restructuring our daily routine to include exercise can have unexpected effects on health.

25 July 2014