A young researcher from The University of Queensland will network with Nobel Prize winners in Germany at one of the world’s most prestigious annual science events.

2 April 2014

An international study led by The University of Queensland has tracked a potentially devastating multi-drug resistant E. coli strain that is only one gene away from being resistant to almost all antibiotics.

1 April 2014

University of Queensland research is investigating if high intensity interval training is an effective treatment to improve health conditions in overweight children and adolescents.

31 March 2014

Some of Queensland’s finest minds will converge on The University of Queensland on Saturday, 29 March for TEDxUQ 2014 – to speak at the event themed “Old Ideas, New World”.

28 March 2014

Taking and sharing photographs on Instagram can increase people’s awareness of what is going on around them, according to one research project from The University of Queensland's Summer Research Program.

27 March 2014

Jefferson Mac likes to joke that his orientation work with incoming students at The University of Queensland has been a matter of “the blind leading the blind”.

23 March 2014

An expert on bullying and its effects on mental health in adolescents is available to speak to media in conjunction with the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, 21 March 2014. Dr James Scott from The University of Queensland...

21 March 2014

A sea of white coats flanked The University of Queensland’s Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE) as first-year students were welcomed at an official ceremony last week. The School of Pharmacy hosted the annual Student...

20 March 2014

The bullet performance of a University of Queensland researcher has seen him rise through the academic ranks at lightening speed. The newly appointed Professor Jason Roberts is an NHMRC Research Fellow with UQ's School of Medicine, a Pharmacist...

17 March 2014

The University of Queensland is seeking participants in a trial to investigate the effects of sprouted broccoli capsules on Type 2 diabetic patients.

13 March 2014

Playing active video games could help overweight and obese children lose weight, a University of Queensland study has found. The research included active video gaming in a 16-week paediatric obesity...

11 March 2014

Professor Jeff Coombes from The University of Queensland School of Human Movement Studies is leading research that aims to reduce the high mortality rate associated with kidney disease through exercise interventions.

11 March 2014

A pandemic of super-resistant gonorrhoea could be kept in check using new methods to track outbreaks of the disease, according to a University of Queensland infectious diseases expert.

11 March 2014

Some of Queensland’s finest minds will converge on The University of Queensland on 29 March for TEDxUQ 2014 – themed “Old Ideas, New World”.

10 March 2014

Two Queenslanders working to ensure better healthcare for mothers and children have won prestigious Fulbright scholarships to United States universities.

7 March 2014

As the world prepares to celebrate annual International Women's Day tomorrow, The University of Queensland is celebrating the groundbreaking research of three of its leading female early-career researchers.

7 March 2014

A review of more than 64 studies has shown that women with diabetes have a 27 per cent higher risk of stroke than men with diabetes.

7 March 2014

Fifteen University of Queensland nursing and midwifery students have put their skills into practice in Cambodian health clinics during a four-week placement in the country’s north-west.

5 March 2014

Almost 2000 undergraduate students starting their studies in University of Queensland Health and Behavioural Sciences courses this week will be welcomed by a new Dean leading a new faculty.

5 March 2014

New research has confirmed that the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination has reduced the frequency of abnormal Pap test results and precancers in women.

5 March 2014