Researchers at The University of Queensland have made a key step that could eventually offer hope for stroke survivors and other people with brain damage.

11 June 2014

About 40 per cent of Australians do not have a will, but what happens when people die without one, and what does this mean for your family?

11 June 2014

Three out of four Australian parents are concerned about their children fighting yet claim their kids get along well, a University of Queensland study has found.

3 June 2014

University of Queensland researchers have discovered antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the Middle East which is cloaking itself in genetic material to avoid detection and placing the population at increased risk of deadly infections.

2 June 2014

The Queensland Telepaediatric Service (QTS) celebrated its 20,000th consultation today, with Brisbane paediatric specialist “visiting” two-year-old Rockhampton burns patient Elijah Kemp.

29 May 2014

An evidence-based program initiated at The University of Queensland (UQ) to help prevent and treat anxiety in children between the ages of eight and 17 is now available online.

28 May 2014

Lack of exercise is a greater risk for heart disease in women over 30 than smoking, obesity and high blood pressure, University of Queensland researchers have found.

28 May 2014

The benefits of high-intensity interval training for people with chronic kidney disease is the focus of a team of researchers at The University of Queensland. The research being done at the Centre for Research on Exercise, Physical Activity and...

26 May 2014

A leading authority on kidney disease and lifestyle intervention is available to speak to media in conjunction with Kidney Health Week, 25-31 May 2014. Professor Jeff Coombes from The University of Queensland School of Human Movement Studies is...

26 May 2014

Less than two per cent of Australian women are eating the recommended five servings of vegetables a day, according to new research from The University of Queensland.

26 May 2014

Queensland parents of children with a disability are the first in the world to benefit from a parenting intervention designed to reduce child behaviour problems across the state.

21 May 2014

The contributions of body donors to furthering the training of science and health professionals will be honoured this month at The University of Queensland's (UQ) annual Thanksgiving Service.

19 May 2014

New methods of preventing intestinal worms and better ways of supporting children with cerebral palsy are potential outcomes from University of Queensland research that has drawn more than $1.5 million in joint government and community funding this...

16 May 2014

In a neuroimaging study, a UQ psychologist has examined whether having allegiances with someone can affect feelings of empathy when punishing and rewarding others.

15 May 2014

A medical student from The University of Queensland has applied his background in mathematics to the field of nuclear medicine to improve liver imaging methods, which may improve diagnosis time and possibly save patients undergoing unnecessary...

8 May 2014

A molecular ‘target’ that could lead to a drug to fight leukaemia is in the sights of a team of University of Queensland researchers.

7 May 2014

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences has recorded some of the best results in The University of Queensland’s School Based Performance Framework.

5 May 2014

Postgraduate research students have presented their work to academia, industry and their peers at the annual University of Queensland Human Movement Studies Postgraduate Student Conference recently.

2 May 2014

Two aspiring nurses are among an international pool of applicants selected to attend the inaugural U21 Health Sciences Group Summer School in Auckland this July.

1 May 2014

As the 2014 World Malaria Day campaign draws to a close, 15 Asian Pacific countries have declared a commitment to eradicating malaria from the region. The countries are partners in the Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN), a group...

1 May 2014