A listing of Australia’s highest achievers in health and medical research has included four high flyers from The University of Queensland’s (UQ’s) Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

5 February 2014

Shivering against the cold may have the added benefit of burning body fat, a new study led by a University of Queensland researcher has found.

4 February 2014

UQ Centre for Clinical Research Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr James Scott has developed new guidelines for the safe prescription of a common acne drug linked with suicide and depression.

4 February 2014

New Doctor of Medicine (MD) program will enhance global opportunities for UQ's medical students

4 February 2014

University of Queensland researchers have made a surprise discovery about how the brain plans movement that may lead to more targeted treatments for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

3 February 2014

Researcher Wolbert van den Hoorn from the UQ School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) said the study found that “text zombies”, or people checking their phones while walking were sacrificing their speed, balance, posture and ability to...

3 February 2014

UQ School of Human Movement Studies PhD student Emma McMahon has monitored factors relating to heart and kidney health.

31 January 2014

A University of Queensland study has found high-intensity short-duration exercise provides better results than the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise.

30 January 2014

A study from The University of Queensland, led by researcher Maike Neuhaus, found that a multicomponent intervention program was far more effective in getting office staff to stand up, than stand-up work stations alone.

29 January 2014

“The University of Queensland is delighted that members of its staff and alumni have received public recognition of their significant national and international contributions,” Professor Høj said.

28 January 2014

UQ researcher Dr Xin Liu from UQ's School of Medicine, proves ancient Chinese mind-body movement therapy could offer dramatic health benefits for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes or obesity.

28 January 2014

Researchers at the University of Queensland are using nano-engineered oil droplets to target infectious diseases and cancer cells.

24 January 2014

Dr Roberta Mazzieri from UQ’s Diamantina Institute is working with cancer researchers in Italy to develop a treatment in which a molecule that can help destroy the tumour is hidden in a cell that the tumour recruits for its own growth and...

23 January 2014

More than 140 Indigenous young people are experiencing university life on The University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus this week for the annual Indigenous Youth Sports Program.

17 January 2014

The University of Queensland is warmly congratulating almost 11,000 students who have received an offer to study at UQ in 2014.

16 January 2014

Young teenage bullies and their victims face increased risks of developing mental health and substance use problems later in adolescence, a University of Queensland study has found.

14 January 2014

Employees and group members respect leaders who embody the goals of the team, according to new research from The University of Queensland.

8 January 2014

An international study that has identified new genetic regions involved in rheumatoid arthritis has shed light on existing medicines that could be effective in treating the disease.

6 January 2014

Researchers from UQ’s School of Human Movement Studies found that only 42 per cent of residents who took part in a twice-weekly exercise program experienced at least one fall, compared to 81 per cent in the non-exercise group.

23 December 2013

Women’s perceptions of what is considered normal and desirable female genitalia may be influenced by exposure to modified images, a new study suggests.

20 December 2013