A pandemic of super-resistant gonorrhoea could be kept in check using new methods to track outbreaks of the disease, according to a University of Queensland infectious diseases expert.

11 March 2014

Some of Queensland’s finest minds will converge on The University of Queensland on 29 March for TEDxUQ 2014 – themed “Old Ideas, New World”.

10 March 2014

Two Queenslanders working to ensure better healthcare for mothers and children have won prestigious Fulbright scholarships to United States universities.

7 March 2014

As the world prepares to celebrate annual International Women's Day tomorrow, The University of Queensland is celebrating the groundbreaking research of three of its leading female early-career researchers.

7 March 2014

A review of more than 64 studies has shown that women with diabetes have a 27 per cent higher risk of stroke than men with diabetes.

7 March 2014

Fifteen University of Queensland nursing and midwifery students have put their skills into practice in Cambodian health clinics during a four-week placement in the country’s north-west.

5 March 2014

Almost 2000 undergraduate students starting their studies in University of Queensland Health and Behavioural Sciences courses this week will be welcomed by a new Dean leading a new faculty.

5 March 2014

New research has confirmed that the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination has reduced the frequency of abnormal Pap test results and precancers in women.

5 March 2014

University of Queensland researchers are seeking participants for a study to examine changes in the health and wellbeing of school leavers transitioning to university life.

4 March 2014

Twelve University of Queensland Bachelor of Oral Health (BOralH) graduates were selected to participate in the 2014 inaugural Oral Health Therapist Graduate Year Program (OHTGYP).

4 March 2014

The behind-the-scenes achievements of The University of Queensland’s staff took centre stage at the Chancellor’s Awards for 2014 on Thursday.

4 March 2014

More than 70,000 people from around the world have signed up for The University of Queensland’s first free online course, due to start on Monday 3 March.

28 February 2014

The University of Queensland has appointed an internationally recognised academic as the new Head of the School of Dentistry.

25 February 2014

Internet searches and the use of social media by unwell Australians searching for an online diagnosis could help detect epidemics and disease outbreaks much quicker than traditional methods, a University of Queensland researcher has found.

24 February 2014

Federal and State Governments should ensure The University of Queensland’s Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is accessible to all families, the program’s founder told a conference in Sydney yesterday (20 February).

21 February 2014

A University of Queensland study has challenged perceptions about women providing care for disabled, ill or frail family members.

20 February 2014

The University of Queensland has been awarded more than $26 million for health and medical research, to investigate cancer treatments, pain relief, dengue fever vaccinations and more.

18 February 2014

Director of The University of Queensland’s Centre for Research on Exercise, Physical Activity and Health (CRExPAH), Professor Wendy Brown, is the lead author of the new guidelines released on Tuesday by the Australian Government Department of Health.

14 February 2014

A lifetime commitment to healthcare and...

8 February 2014